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Munjong of Goryeo

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This article is about the 11th monarch during the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea. For the 5th Korean monarch during the Joseon Dynasty, see Munjong of Joseon.

Munjong of Goryeo (29 December 1019 – 2 September 1083) was the 11th monarch of the Goryeo Dynasty, who ruled Korea from 1046 to 1083.

King Munjong was born in 1019 and reigned from 1046 until his death in 1083. During his reign, the central government of Goryeo gained complete authority and power over local lords. Munjong, and later kings, emphasized the importance of civilian leadership over the military. Munjong expanded Korea's borders northward to the Yalu and Tumen Rivers.

Munjong's fourth son, Uicheon (born 1055), became a Buddhist priest who founded the Cheontae as an independent school of Buddhism.


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