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240v to 100v transformer

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Posted on Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by Spider_fanz to r/retrogaming | Question | 2 points

I need to power some Japanese consoles in Australia where our power standard is 240 V can anyone recommend a good stepdown transformer

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@ Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by Thohil | 2 points | Reply

Which consoles do you need powered?

For any console that has an external power supply, it is much simpler to just get a regular PAL power supply for that console.

The only consoles where you would actually need a step-down converter is for the Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1 and Phat PS2


@ Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by Lifeisasimulation-- | 1 point | Reply

Add original Xbox to that list of consoles that have voltage specific internal PSUs. And unless you open a PS3 to 3x check what PSU is inside, they also say on the outside they are only for specific voltages, but my PS3 phat internally has a universal PSU regardless of what the outside says


@ Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by Spider_fanz (OP) | 1 point | Reply

I have to power like eight consoles including Saturn and Dreamcast I already Happen to have some Japanese power supplies so I figured it would just be cheaper to get a step down transformer

@ Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by Lifeisasimulation-- | 1 point | Reply

See the other comment. If you can avoid transformers you should. It's just extra equipment and noise and heat.

If the console already has external plug adapter just get a 240v plug for it

@ Saturday, September 23rd 2023 by NewSchoolBoxer | 1 point | Reply

I would not plug 60 Hz power supplies into 50 Hz outlets. The step up/down transformers change the voltage but not the frequency. At least most consoles have external power supplies so you can buy Australian power supplies instead. 9V DC is 9V DC everywhere in the world.

Some chance the Japanese power supply can tolerate 50 Hz. My US and Japanese PS2 OEM power supplies have 100-240V, 50-60 Hz printed right on them so they're universal but don't assume 50 Hz is a good idea if only 60 Hz is printed.

You're in a bad spot for Sega Saturn and a few other consoles with internal power supplies. Very convoluted but you go power outlet -> car cigarette outlet adapter -> 12V or 24V DC car cigarette power supply -> DC to 100V, 60 Hz AC converter you buy from Japan. Amazon Japan accepts my US credit card.

Be careful with that approach to have some overhead in watts and va since you lose 10% or so power each from AC to DC and from DC to AC.

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