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ODV GBS-C RGB Color Issues

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Posted on Monday, September 18th 2023 by GregZone_NZ to r/retrogaming | Question | 1 point

I have been running a home built GBS-control system, using GBS-8200 etc. it’s been great, but VGA only, and I hadn’t built a case yet.

So, I ordered a ODV GBS-C, to give me a GBS-control system with HDMI also, and a nice case.

BUT, unfortunately via the SCART RGB input (and analog VGA output), using just 480/576 resolution, the colour levels are wrong.

I have the RGB pots all turned right down (zeroed / off?), and on my own GBS-control GBS-8200 setup (with trimpots also zeroed), I get the expected colors, and also a grey (mid level white), and a full white.

But the same signal plugged into the ODV GBS-C displays the grey the same as the white (full white for both white levels), and the colours aren’t right. e.g. What should appear greenish, is displaying as yellow etc.

Really disappointed, as I was expecting the ODV GBS-C plugged in place of my existing GBS-control system, with the same settings (zeroed trimpots, 576 resolution, VGA out), should have given me the same color accuracy and quality.

Any suggestions? I guess next will be opening it up to look for any internal component issues. In the meantime I’m back to using my old GBS-control setup, and the ODV GBS-C is so far a waste of money!

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