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Repaired & Modded SEGA Game Gear Showcase

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Posted on Monday, September 18th 2023 by bortegaa to r/retrogaming | Modding | 14 points[Here]

>Crossposted from Repaired & Modded SEGA Game Gear Showcase by bortegaa to r/game_gear | 28 points | 19 comments

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@ Monday, September 18th 2023 by bortegaa (OP) | 2 points | Reply

These Game Gears were repaired and modded for some customers of mine. Repairing them was pretty typical with just the caps needing to be replaced. All of the parts, besides the caps, were sourced from Handheld legend. Overall their quality is good but I've had many of the clear shells form cracks in the deeper layers that eventually grow with time. Another gripe of mine is how they handle the adhesive on the clear tempered glass screen protector.

If you're thinking about modding a GG but would like some guidance please ask any questions you may have, I'd be happy to help.

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