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iOS 17 Can Automatically Remove Tracking Parameters from URLs in Safari

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Posted on Monday, September 18th 2023 by mfiguiere | 15 points

>Starting with iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, Safari automatically removes tracking parameters from URLs while in Private Browsing Mode, in...

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@ Monday, September 18th 2023 by s3p | Open

I have to give it to Apple, they seem to be one of the only mega-corporations willing to screw over other large businesses to protect their customers. App tracking transparency, precision location control, machine learning tracking prevention, now this.. it just gets better and better every year. There's a lot to dislike about them, but they really are one of the only large companies championing individual privacy.

@ Monday, September 18th 2023 by JumpCrisscross | Open

>iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma will be released later this year

Just downloaded iOS 17. Not dev nor beta.


@ Monday, September 18th 2023 by Someone | Open

FTA: “Saturday June 17, 2023 3:27 pm PDT”

@ Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by hellotheretoday | Open

It would be extra nice if you could turn this on for non private browsing but it’s still nice to see it happen


@ Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by thebitstick | Open

>It can even be enabled for regular Safari browsing. On the iPhone, open the Settings app, tap Safari → Advanced → Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection, and select All Browsing. Users can also turn off the feature in this menu if they prefer not to use it at all.


@ Tuesday, September 19th 2023 by hellotheretoday | Open

Thanks!! Missed that

@ Wednesday, September 20th 2023 by pornel | Open

Enjoy it while it lasts. Tracking companies will probably start signing or obfuscating URLs.

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