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Student-Loan Restart Threatens to Pull $100B Out of Consumers’ Pockets

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Posted on Monday, September 18th 2023 by leotravis10 | 4 points

>The resumption of the payments will leave some U.S. consumers squeezed and some of the nation’s largest retailers fearing a spending slowdown.

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@ Monday, September 18th 2023 by archo | Open - - -

@ Monday, September 18th 2023 by throe37848 | Open

But money would not disappear, money would go into universities and education! It will fund new campuses, research, stipends...

Imagine how many students from Africa could study at US universities, if all student loans were repaid. That could really restart economy!

Government has good ways to collect money. For child support debt it can confiscate driving license, passport, throw people into jail... Or even prevent people from quiting their jobs! University educated people have money!


@ Monday, September 18th 2023 by bitxbitxbitcoin | Open

The fact of the matter is that not all University educated people have money. In fact many of them started with no money at 18 and committed to having negative money to get that University education… or if they didn’t finish they have negative money and no University degree.

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