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Ye Lay

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In this Burmese name, the given name is Ye Lay. There is no family name.

Ye Lay (Burmese: ?????; born Ye Htun Min; on 11 January 1984) is a Burmese hip hop singer-songwriter, musician, actor and model. He is one of the stars of the Burmese entertainment industry.

In 2011, he was the subject of a hoax that claimed he had been stabbed in a fight. He published a 212-page autobiography entitled Mad...Sea (????????????...??????) on 25 March 2012.

In May 2013, he married Aye Mya Aung, the daughter of Burmese minister Aung Min.

Table of contents
  1. Discography
  2. TV show


Solo albums
TV show

He was involved as a Judge in Myanmar Idol season 1 (2015-2016).

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