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Sai Hsai Mao

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In this Burmese name, Sai is an honorific, not a given name.

Sai Hsai Mao (Shan: ????????????; born 1948 in Muse, Burma), also known as Sai Saing Maw (Burmese: ????????????????), is a distinguished Burmese singer and musician of Shan descent. The most prominent singer of Shan pop music, he is known for his prolific cover songs and is based in Thailand, which is home to a large Shan community. Throughout his career, he has also released 10 Burmese language albums.

Sai Hsai Mao gained popularity after 1968, when a Shan language program on Radio Thailand broadcast his music. From 1973 to 1976, he was associated with the Shan State Army - East. His most famous song, "Lik Hom Mai Panglong" (Panglong Agreement), was composed by Sai Kham Leik in 1973.

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Sai Saai Mao


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