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May Kha Lar

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Maykalar Singer (cropped) In this Burmese name, the given name is May Kha Lar. There is no family name.

May Kha Lar is a Burmese singer who was one of the most popular Burmese pop vocalists in the 1980s. Her stage name is derived from Manimekhala, a Buddhist goddess. She is known for her Burmese language covers of Western pop songs as well as original Burmese songs.

Table of contents
  1. Early life and education
  2. Music career
  3. Personal life
  4. Album discography

Early life and education

She was born on 2 May 1963 to Phe Phe Kyaw, a pilot, and his wife Phyu Phyu Shein. Her childhood pet name was "Nge Nge" (??????). In 1983, she graduated with a BA degree in the Burmese language.

Music career

During her second year in college, she was encouraged by faculty to sing a cover of Nwe Yin Win's "Love Is..." (??????????) at the Yangon City Hall's Thingyan pandal. Myint Lwin was persuaded by her performance to produce music on her behalf. Following the success of her music career after 1980, famous composers like Kaiser, Naing Myanmar, and Win Min Htwe composed music for her. Maykhala's hits include "Leave Now" (??????????), "Loving That Much" (??????????????????????), and "Once at University" (?????? ?????????).

Personal life

She was briefly married to a popular singer, Kaiser, in the mid-1980s. She has been married to actor Yan Kyaw since 1995.

Album discography

Maykhala released most of her albums during her heyday in the early to mid-1980s. The following is a partial list.

Solo albums With various artists

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