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List of mountains of Bangladesh

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Mountains of Bangladesh Bangladesh is primarily a low-lying country. The main areas of elevation are the Chittagong Hills in the southeast, the Low Hills of Sylhet in the northeast, and certain highlands in the north and northwest. Kala Pahar, at 1,098 feet (335m), is the highest peak in the Sylhet range and also the highest point in northern Bangladesh. The Chittagong Hills, which are the only significant hill system in the country, contain at least seventy-five mountain peaks, which range in altitude approximately from 600 to 1,000m (2,000 to 3,300ft) above sea level. The highest point in the Chittagongs and Bangladesh is at 1,063 metres (3,488ft) at Saka Haphong in the Mowdok mountain range.

Table of contents
  1. Saka Haphong
  2. Zow Tlang/ Reang Haphong
  3. Aiyang Tlang
  4. Dumlong/ Msha Panji Haphong
  5. Keokradong
  6. Maithaijama Haphong
  7. Thingdawlte Tlang Haphong
  8. Mukhra Thuthai Haphong
  9. Kapital Haphong
  10. Kreikung Taung
  11. Sippi Arsuang
  12. Taung Prai
  13. Tazing Dong

Saka Haphong

Main article: Saka Haphong

Saka Haphong is the Tripura tribal name which is the highest peak of Bangladesh. The peak is at an altitude of 2,564m (8,412ft), as recorded in 2006 by English adventurer Ginge Fullen. Saka Haphong is located at 21.78861°N 92.60861°E in the Mowdok mountain range on the border with Myanmar.

Zow Tlang/ Reang Haphong

Main article: Zow Tlang

Zow Tlang or Reang Haphong is a peak in the Mowdok range located at 21.67306°N 92.60444°E on the border with Myanmar. Its peak is at an altitude of 1,022 metres (3,353ft). According to Bangla Trek, it is the second-highest peak in the country, though it has not yet been officially recognized by Bangladesh's government.

The local name comes from the Bawm language. The name 'Zow' refers to 'Mizo', a derivative of Mizoram in India. 'Tlang' means mountain in the Bwam language. The official name, 'Mowdok Mual', comes from American and Russian topographic maps.

Aiyang Tlang

Rama Manikya Haphong/Aiyang Tlang is another mountain found in Bangladesh nearing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

Van Rausang Bawm from the local 'Bawm ethnic community', Dalian headman Para of 'Remakri' Mouja, Thanchi Upozila in the Bandarban district was the one to discover it. On the 13th of November, 2019, Engineer Jyotirmoy Dhar had become the first Bangladeshi to have climbed the mountain.

Dumlong/ Msha Panji Haphong

Main article: Dumlong

In 2011, Wadud Mohosin Rubel alongside his three travel partners Asif Aminur Rashid, Nagib Meshkat and Abdul Haque have claimed the mountain, 'Dumlong/Msha Panji Haphong' to be the second highest mountain in Bangladesh on the basis of measurements made by their Garmin GPS. The height was found at 3,314ft. (1,010 m). The location was recorded as 22°0202.1N 92°3536.3E, accurately matching the coordinates given by Google Earth.

A few months after this expedition, a team of Bangladeshi travelers led by Zaqiul Deep measured the height at 3,312ft. (1,009 m). A third team also reached the summit later led by Fahim Hasan of BD Explorer. There is no doubt about the height of Dumlong but whether it is the second or third highest mountain in the country is yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, it is indeed the highest peak of Rangamati Hill District and one of only three mountains measured at more than a thousand metres in height.

In 2014, several teams climbed the summit of Zow Tlang, and based on their readings, they surmised Dumlong is the third-highest mountain in Bangladesh.


Main article: Keokradong

Although it is widely reported to be the highest point in Bangladesh at 1,230 metres (4,040ft), recent SRTM data, GPS readings and Russian topographic mapping show that its true height is less than 1,000 metres (3,300ft).

On the top of Keokradong there is a small shelter and a signboard put up by the Bangladeshi military proclaiming the altitude to be 3,172m (10,407ft). Garmin GPS recorded 974m (3,196ft) at this location, a different team measured 986m (3,235ft) with 3m (9.8ft) accuracy by GPS, a measurement consistent with Russian topographic mapping and SRTM data. It is at 21.95000°N 92.51472°E. USGS and Russian mapping dispute the claim that this is the location correctly named Keokradong; they show Keokradong at an 883m (2,897ft) summit further north.

Maithaijama Haphong

Main article: Maithai jama Haphong

Located at the south-eastern part of Chittagong hill tracts between the Bangladesh and India border, Maithaijama Haphong is the sixth-highest peak of Bangladesh. However it is not officially recognized according to the Bangladesh government. This peak is also the second-highest peak of Reng Tlang range after Dumlong. On 7 December 2014 Fahim Hasan from Dhaka, a member of an adventure team BD Explorer with the help of the local villagers summitted the peak of Maithai Jama Haphong and measured this height as 967m (3,173ft) by the Garmin GPS device for the very first time. Exact Geo location of the highest point was N 22°00.714', E 92°35.863'. The name "Maithai Jama Haphong" came from the Tripura language. which means, "Bad hilly place for vegetation." Stream (Jhiri) route to summit & view from the peak is extraordinary.
Thingdawlte Tlang Haphong

Main article: Thingdawl Te Tlang

Thingdawlte Tlang is a significant peak of Bangladesh. This peak is the highest point of 'lawmbok Row' range and possible seventh-highest of the country. In December 2012 a local explorer Fahim Hasan of "BD Explorer" summitted the peak of Thingdawlte Tlang and measured the height for the first time, which is 3,149ft (960m). GPS accuracy was 3m (9.8ft) (+/-). The name of the peak was collected by BD Explorer and confirmed by the local tribal people of Thingdawlte village. Few days later Zaqiul Deep of "Travelers Of Bangladesh" measured this peak as 3,133ft (955m). The most easiest route to summit this peak is to start from Ruma of Bandarban district. Nearest settlement is known as Thingdawlte (Bawm) village. This peak is named after this village.
Mukhra Thuthai Haphong

Main article: Mukhra Thuthai haphong

Mukhra Thuthai Haphong is a significant border peak of Bangladesh, situated at the southern most part of Belaichori of Rangamati Hill District. In April 2013, Fahim Hasan of BD Explorer summited and measured this peak for the first time. Highest elevation measured at 953.6m (3,129ft). The name of the peak was collected by BD Explorer and confirmed by the local tribal people of local village. The name Mukhra Thuthai Haphong came from the Tripura language. Nearest settlement is known as Dhupanichora para. The easiest route to summit this peak is to start from Ruma of Bandarban district.
Kapital Haphong

Kapital/Capital is a distinctive, beautiful and very eye-catching peak on the Politai range near Thaikeng para. This flat mountain top was once used as a hideout by a separatist group from Mizoram. They declared this mountaintop as their temporary capital of free and independent Mizoram, later moving to another location. The locals nevertheless still call this area the 'Kapital'.
Kreikung Taung

Kreikung Taung is a significant peak of Bangladesh. This peak is the second highest point of 'Lawmbok Row' range and possibly the eleventh-highest in the country. In December 2012, a local explorer Fahim Hasan of "BD Explorer" summitted the peak of Kreikung Taung and measured the height for the first time at 3,083ft (940m). GPS accuracy was 2m (6ft 7in) (+/-). The name of the peak was collected by BD Explorer and confirmed by the local tribal people of Thingdawlte village. The most easiest route to summit this peak is to start from Ruma of Bandarban district. Nearest settlement is known as Thingdawlte (Bawm) village.
Sippi Arsuang

Sippi Arsuang is located at N 22°1103.43 E 92°2901.57 with a height of 896m (2,940ft) (15m (49ft) accuracy). In US Army 1:250k topo map this peak is shown as Ramju Taung with a height of 3,016ft (919m) and in Russian 1:200k topo map it is shown as 917m (3,009ft).

Taung Prai

Taung Prai, a very beautiful dome-shaped mountain at Reng Tlang border range is the most south-eastern border peak of Rangamati district. It is also the last major peak at Reng Tlang range inside our border. View seen from the top is mind-blowing. Taung prai is a Marma word. Means "Ulta pahar"(????? ??????). In 2013,6 November Fahim Hasan along with Saki Khan from Dhaka, members of local adventure group BD Explorer summited the peak of Taung Prai and measured this peak as 2,959ft (902m) by Garmin gps device for the first time. Tinmukh/Tinmatha pillar is a significant border pillar that marks the meeting point of three countries's borders; Bangladesh, Myanmar and India, located above a peak in between "Mukhra Thuthai Haphong" and "Laisra Haphong".
Tazing Dong

Another peak that is sometimes claimed to be the peak of Bangladesh is Tazing Dong (sometimes spelled as Tahjingdong, and also known as Bijoy). It has been claimed to be 1,280m (4,200ft). Neither Russian topographic mapping nor SRTM data show anything in the area exceeding 1,000m (3,300ft).

There are three peaks in that area known as Thajindong (Lungphe Tuang in US army 1:250K topo map and Russian 1:200k topo map). A local trekker team measured the highest two peaks and found the middle one (N 21° 49' 16.20" - E 92° 32' 11.61") is 871m (2,858ft) (3m (9.8ft) accuracy) and higher than the other peak which was at N 21° 48' 58.17" - E 92° 31' 49.87" with 829m (accuracy 3m) measured height. A different measurement done by another team using Garmin GPS shows the height of the other peak as 829.66m with 3m accuracy.

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