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List of festivals in Bangladesh

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Eid Prayers at Barashalghar, Debidwar, Comilla This is a list of festivals in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country of colourful celebrations. The people celebrate their faith, life, liberty, nature, elation, and achievements round the year through a wide variety of fairs and festivals, organized with enthusiasm and intricate details. Some Bengali fairs and festivals have a recorded history of over 2000 years. Festivals in Bangladesh fall into four major categories: religious festivals, national events, cultural festivals and tribal festivals. Although a few festivals are primarily meant for particular sections of the population, all the festivals have now attained universal reach throughout the country.

Table of contents
  1. Religious observance
  2. Patriotic and National Observances
  3. Cultural festivals
  4. Fairs
  5. Local events
  6. Public holidays

Religious observance

Muslim Hindu Buddhist Christian
Patriotic and National Observances

Cultural festivals

General Music Folk Others

Local events

Public holidays

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