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John Crosby Brown

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John Crosby Brown John Crosby Brown (May 22, 1838 - June 25, 1909) was a senior partner in the investment bank Brown Bros. & Co., founded by his family.

Table of contents
  1. Early life
  2. Career
  3. Personal life

Early life

Brown was born on May 22, 1838 in New York City. He was the son of banker James Brown (1791-1877) and Eliza Maria (née Coe) Brown (1803-1890). His father was a banker and supporter of Union Theological Seminary and his paternal grandfather was Alexander Brown of Baltimore. Among his extended family were uncles George Brown and Sir William Brown, 1st Baronet.

Brown was educated privately and then entered Columbia University, where he graduated in 1859.


Brown worked at Brown Bros. & Co., an investment bank founded by his father and uncles. Eventually, he became the senior partner of Brown Bros. In 1931, Brown Bros. merged with Harriman Brothers & Company to become Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., one of the oldest and largest partnership banks in the United States.

Brown served on the board of education of New York City, and was a trustee of Columbia University.

Personal life

On November 9, 1864, Brown was married to Mary Elizabeth Adams in New York City. Mary was the daughter of John Adams. Together, they were the parents of six children: He died on June 25, 1909, in Orange Mountain House, New Jersey and was buried at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Some records of John Crosby Brown are included in the Brown Brothers Harriman Collection, which is housed in New-York Historical Society's manuscript collection.

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