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Computer University, Pyay

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The University of Computer Studies, Pyay (Burmese: ??????????????????(????)), is a university in Pyay, Bago Region, Myanmar, offering courses in computer science and information technology.

Table of contents
  1. Background History
  2. Degrees Offered
  3. Departments
  4. Courses

Background History

University of Computer Studies, Pyay is a government funded university located in Pyay, Bago Region with an emphasis is on computer engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Founded in 2004 as a Government Computer College (GCC) and during the first year of GCC only computer application trainings were offered. Starting from 2005, undergraduate student admissions have begun. In 2007, Government Computer College (Pyay) became a university named Computer University (Pyay). Its name was changed to University of Computer Studies (Pyay) in the year 2017. The campus has an area of 17.68 acres and lies to the south of 081/2 milestone on the highway from Pyay to Aunglan.

Degrees Offered



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