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Brandable software

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Brandable software is typically software created by one company for the purpose of allowing other companies to obtain resell rights or giveaway rights to the software, change the brand associated with it, and sell it as if it were their own. It may also be referred to as private label software or Rebranded Software.

Brandable software is usually presented as an alternative to more expensive software development. In most cases, the company providing the software allows many features of the software to be changed by the customer, such as the software name, graphics, installer and website links.

There are various uses of brandable software. In many cases, it is placed on the customer's website in order to generate web traffic and increase name recognition. It can also be used as a source of additional revenue for the customer, or as the sole source of revenue for a new business.

Table of contents
  1. Customizable components
  2. Delivery
  3. Resell rights
  4. Giveaway Rights

Customizable components

Brandable Software is normally designed so that certain components are customizable with the purchasing company's information. Among the most common are:

Once the software has been fully branded with the purchasing company's information it is normally bundled into an installer. Some common types are Windows Installer and executable formats. These can be distributed immediately to end-users without any prerequisite software.

Resell rights

The purchasing company is given the right to resell their branded version of the software, normally at the price of their choosing. Depending on the agreement, the purchasing company may also be allowed to give their branded version of the software away for free or allow other companies to sell it. In most cases the purchasing company is only given the rights to the compiled version of the software, not the software's source code.

Giveaway Rights

The person or the company has the right to give their branded version of the software away. But does not have the right to resell the software.

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