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Bengali-Assamese languages

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Bengali-Assamese subbranches The Bengali-Assamese languages (also Gauda-Kamarupa languages) is a grouping of several languages. This group belongs to the Eastern zone of Indo-Aryan languages. The languages in this group according to Glottolog includes Assamese, Bengali, Bishnupriya, Chakma, Chittagonian, Hajong, Kharia Thar, Kurmukar, Lodhi (also categorised as a Munda language), Mal Paharia, Noakhailla, Rajbangshi, Rohingya, Sylheti, Tangchangya and Surjapuri.

Language comparison chart

* = borrowed terms (including tatsamas, ardhatatsamas and other borrowings)

* = borrowed terms (including tatsamas, ardhatatsamas and other borrowings)

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