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Çesmeli is a neighbourhood in the municipality and district of Erdemli, Mersin Province, Turkey. Its population is 5,925 (2022). Before the 2013 reorganisation, it was a town (belde).


Çesmeli midtown is situated two kilometers north of Mediterranean seaside and at the east of the rivulet Kargipinari (which is also known as Gelinderesi). The town of Kargipinari is at the west of the rivulet. Çesmeli is between Mersin and Erdemli on the highway D400, distance to Mersin is 23 km (14 mi) and to Erdemli is 14 km (8.7 mi). Çesmeli is also the west end of Çukurova motorway.


Nothing definite is known about the origin of the town. According to legend, the earliest settlement was established 300 years ago by a certain Sahin Ali Bey at a location nearer to Mersin. The settlers later on moved to present site, using the name of their former settlement, Çesmeli (meaning location with a fountain). It was declared a township in 1969.


The major economic activity is agriculture. Çesmeli along with the neighbouring Kargipinari is one of the most important citrus producers of Mersin Province and Mersin Province is the most important citrus producer of Turkey. In recent years floriculture has become another profitable activity. At the coastal strip of the town there are summer houses of city dwellers as well as foreigners and services to summer houses also seem promising.

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