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Front Quad, The Queen's College Chrigel Maurer Jaunieveletas Ministru prezidentes Evikas Silinas preses konference I-80 in western Iowa

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Robert Howard Hodgkin (1877-1951), nicknamed "Robin", was an English historian who spent his career at The Queen's College, Oxford (pictured). He was appointed a lecturer of modern history in 1900, made a fellow in 1904 and a tutor in 1910, and held the post of university lecturer in modern history from 1928 to 1934. In 1936 and 1937, Hodgkin became pro-provost when B. H. Streeter fell ill, then retired shortly after Streeter's return. Streeter soon died in a plane crash, however, and Hodgkin, only six days into his retirement, was called upon to take on the role of provost; he served until 1946. Hodgkin was remembered for his dedication, his flexible teaching style, shepherding the college through the wartime years, the reconstruction of the college's grand library, and his book on the college's history. He was particularly known for his 1935 work, A History of the Anglo-Saxons. Hodgkin was also part of a so-called "Quaker dynasty"; he was forced to leave the Society of Friends after serving in the Second Boer War. (Full article...)

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September 21: International Day of Peace

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