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The Delaware Tercentenary half dollar is a commemorative fifty-cent coin designed by Carl L. Schmitz and minted by the United States Bureau of the Mint to mark the 300th anniversary of New Sweden, the first successful European settlement in Delaware. Also known as the Swedish Delaware half dollar, the coin was produced by the Philadelphia Mint in March 1937, though that year appears nowhere on the piece. The obverse shows Wilmington's Old Swedes Church, one of the oldest Protestant churches in the United States still standing, while the reverse features the ship Kalmar Nyckel, which carried emigrants to New Sweden. Schmitz won a competition to design the coin. The half dollars were sold to the public by the Delaware Swedish Tercentenary Commission for $1.75 each, and more than 20,000 coins were sold of the 25,000 coins minted for sale. The profits were used to help fund the tercentenary celebrations. (Full article...)

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March 31: World Backup Day (2011)
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Grace Kelly, an American actress, had 14 film, 45 television, and 2 stage credits between 1948 and 1977. She made her screen debut in 1948, in the televised play "Old Lady Robbins" as part of the anthology series Kraft Television Theatre. The following year, Kelly made her Broadway debut playing Bertha in The Father. Kelly's film debut was a minor role in the 1951 drama Fourteen Hours. For her performance as Linda Nortley in John Ford's Mogambo, she received the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, and a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. In 1954, she starred in the Alfred Hitchcock-directed thrillers Dial M for Murder with Ray Milland and Rear Window with James Stewart. In the same year, she portrayed the long-suffering wife of an alcoholic actor played by Bing Crosby in The Country Girl, for which Kelly received the Academy Award for Best Actress, and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama in 1955. (Full list...)

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