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Huygens' Telescopes Weren't Very Good, Now We Think We Know Why
[Christiaan Huygens] was a pretty decent mathematician and scientist by the standards of the 17th century. However, the telescopes he built were considered to be relatively poor in quality for ...read more
Hackaday (2 hours ago)

Foldable PCB Becomes Tiny Rover
Typically, when you're putting electronics in a robot, you install the various controller PCBs into the robot's chassis. But what if the PCB itself was the chassis? [Carl Bugeja's] latest ...read more
Hackaday (5 hours ago)

Upgraded Plasma Thruster is Smaller, More Powerful
When [Jay Bowles] demoed his first-generation ion thruster on Plasma Channel, the resulting video picked up millions of views and got hobbyists and professionals alike talking. While ionic lifters are ...read more
Hackaday (8 hours ago)

Cold War Military Telephones Now Usable Thanks To DIY Switch Build
The TA-1042 is the most badass looking telephone you'll ever see. It's a digital military telephone from the 1980s, but sadly non-functional unless it's hooked up to the military phone ...read more
Hackaday (10 hours ago)

2022 Supercon: Jac and Ralf Explore the Secrets of the Digital Compact Cassette
During the 1990s, music was almost invariably stored on CDs or cassette tapes. When the new millennium came around, physical formats became obsolete as music moved first to MP3 files, ...read more
Hackaday (11 hours ago)

Electric Skateboard Becomes Mobile Skate Park
While building a skate park might not appear to have much in common with software development, at they very least, they both suffer from a familiar problem: scalability. Bigger skate ...read more
Hackaday (13 hours ago)

PCIe For Hackers: Extracting The Most
So, you now know the basics of approaching PCIe, and perhaps you have a PCIe-related goal in mind. Maybe you want to equip a single-board computer of yours with a ...read more
Hackaday (14 hours ago)

Veggies vs. Undead - A perfect Commodore 64 version of Plants vs. Zombies
Game announcements are not my main focus here in Vintage is the New Old anymore - it is very hard to keep up and there are plenty of other ways to be up to speed with what is new in the retro gaming world, like, for example, Saberman's YouTube channel,...
Vintage is The New Old (on Saturday, March 11th 2023)

Scene World was prominently featured in the German design magazine PAGE.
Scene World was prominently featured in the 04/2023 issue of the German design magazine PAGE.   featuring logos from Retromantis, Black and JSL made for Scene World Magazine! ? (The text translates as "pixelated till today, the diskmag "Scene World" for C64 fans and coders can be downloaded for fitting...
Vintage is The New Old (on Thursday, March 2nd 2023)

Scene World Podcast Episode #160 - The Crimson Diamond with Julia Minamata
In our new episode we are happy to talk to Julia Minamata. She is the developer of 'The Crimson Diamond' - a text parser EGA mystery adventure game to be released soon on Steam! Follow amateur geologist and reluctant detective Nancy Maple to the ghost town of Crimson, Ontario to...
Vintage is The New Old (on Thursday, March 2nd 2023)

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