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Privacy policy and session data management

Instead of going into boring legalese about what this site collects, you can simply see all collected data in freshly squeezed JSON below.

In addition to data shown here the site collects webserver and system logs and keeps them for seven days after which they are recycled into furry kitten pics. These logs may or may not contain personal information - no one really knows as it's all kind of confusing. Is an IP address by itself without any other identifiable data personal information or not? The world may never know.

Collected session data
    "intl": {
        "units": "imperial",
        "clock": "12h",
        "cc": "US"
    "layout": {
        "charset": "ISO-8859-1",
        "theme": "retro",
        "width": 1024,
        "css": "off",
        "hide_pw": "on",
        "degree": "°"
    "content": {
        "view": "thread",
        "comments": "top",
        "preview": "on"
    "images": {
        "content": "on",
        "ui": "on",
        "logo": "on",
        "captions": "on",
        "gifvideos": "off",
        "pngicons": "off"
    "home": {
        "items": 5,
        "sections": {
            "weather": "on",
            "wiki": "on",
            "xkcd": "on",
            "hn": "on",
            "reddit": "on",
            "news": "on"
    "weather": {
        "forecast": "compact",
        "location": {
            "lat": "39.047",
            "lon": "-77.49"
    "news": {
        "last": "world",
        "feeds": []
    "hn": {
        "last": "new",
        "username": "",
        "password": ""
    "reddit": {
        "last": "new",
        "subscriptions": [],
        "image_upload": "off",
        "image_expire": 30,
        "username": "",
        "password": ""
    "settings": {
        "last": "basic"
    "daytime": {
        "charset": "US-ASCII",
        "session_data": "on"
    "nntp": {
        "charset": "ISO-8859-1",
        "text": "flowed",
        "images": "all"

Delete collected data

I understand that nothing of value will be lost by deleting all collected session data.

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Privacy policy and session data management.

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